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National "what" day?

It seems there is a national day for everything, the day to say I love you, the day to love your mother or your father, your secretary, your dog, even a day to be thankful. Do you find yourself needing reminders like this? A national day set aside to perform normal human emotions?


"Out of the hearts abundance the mouth speaks"

In a world that is so busy that we even forget to stop and smell the roses, we can forget about those important things. Thankfulness heals and calms the human heart and brings deep joy, inner joy that plays into every single we say and do. Slowing down and relaxing and taking time with friends and family gets our mind out of the I'm too busy" mentality and helps us to regain our happiness.


"National Drink Wine Day" 


A few days ago it was "National Drink Wine Day." That day did not remind me to perform a natural human emotion, but it did remind me about the perks of sharing wine with a good friend or family member. It made me remember the warm comfortable relaxed feeling you can have with the great glass of wine and a conversation that provides a mental break from today's daily grind. That connection that I've experienced with those closest to me usually occur as I palm a goblet of an oaky bold red wine. It was said that "Wine makes the heart of mortal men rejoice". I do agree with that. So I'll have to admit that I and willing to embrace this national day of remembrance, a day for my heart and soul and for joy and thankfulness and friends and family and that wonderful liquid gold that I love so much.




Seed to Sip

Driving home tonight from a workshop on fermentation and chemistry in making hard apple cider, I found the demographics of the classroom to be quite interesting. Being in the wine industry for some time, there is a certain stereotype among my fellow wine makers and enthusiasts, however the demographics of today's workshop was quite different from that. I found myself feeling quite honored to be around these men and farmers that I respect so much for their years of valuable experience working the land, having sleepless nights during the snowy season hoping their crops would survive and how poetically they spoke of the beautiful infrastructure of their orchards.

Can't you just taste them, the fresh produce of summer? 

Can't you just taste them, the fresh produce of summer? 

Having only green eyes and not green thumbs, we source our fresh pressed apple cider from a local farmer in our community and I am quite emamored by these strong knowledgeable men. I'm sure we all respect farmers for what they produce for us on a daily basis, when we remember to. But overall I think we may take them for granted.


Think of the summer farmers markets full of green luxurious produce that makes us feel wholesome and healthy just by looking at it, sweet apple cider and pumpkin pies that magically appear just in time for the fall harvest, do we forget to thank the tireless effort of our local farmers? I'm sure we all do, I for one know that I am guilty of it. But a wealth of knowledge is available from these dear ones who don't ask for glory, yet provide to us the sustenance we need to feed our little children and ourselves. Beautiful "farm to table" meals are grown by our local farmers. 

Farm to table, poached pears

Farm to table, poached pears


These were the men I was surrounded by tonight. Many of them, like myself, have begun creating a new genre among the craft beverage industry and that is what has united myself with these respected men.

They really know what it means to go from seed to sip. 

A special thank you to Mary from and Denise, Carla and Erin from Penn State Extention, also Eric Shatt from Redbyrd Cider for your instruction at the "Seed to Sip" workshop.