Rowan Asher Winery (RAW WINERY)

ROWAN ASHER WINERY R.A.W Urban Winery & Hard Cidery

Pocono Mountains First Urban Winery and Hard Cidery makes Napa Style Wines and Craft Small Batch Hard Ciders. Visit our 2 Tasting Room locations in Stroudsburg close to the Pocono Resorts.

Rose's Cafe, Lucy the hotel, Never Die, children still meeting new cousins class mates running 5K, Prohibition the wine barrels were taken to the top of columbus avenue and garibaldi and smashed and the streets where bleeding red wine as it poured down the streets, twin aunts, mangia beve homeless, centi anni, roseto valfortore in the PUGLIA region,

 Master Winemaker, Matthew Domenick's over 20 years experience in creating fine red wines that rival the Napa Valley. His passion and family history in the art of wine making in the Foggia Province of Puglia in a small medieval hillside town of Roseto Valfortore