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Pocono Mountains First Urban Winery and Hard Cidery makes Napa Style Wines and Craft Small Batch Hard Ciders. Visit our 2 Tasting Room locations in Stroudsburg close to the Pocono Resorts.




  • It's to sweet for me
  • It's a girly drink
  • It's like wine
  • It's like beer
  • It's a fad drink for the younger generation


To many of us, Hard Ciders are something new. But in U.S. History it was one of the earliest fermented beverages and at one time was very abundant and consumed daily as water. It disappeared greatly during the Prohibition when cider apple orchards where chopped down, burned and destroyed.  (learn more history) 

There is such a broad range of tastes when it comes to drinking Hard Ciders. Most of us have heard of or have tried "commercial" ciders, a super sweet bubbly apple juice, thus arose the "its to sweet and a girly drink". Commercial producers add to their fermented cider, apple flavorings and sugar and more apple juice to fit the sugar loving palate of the U.S. culture.


Modern Hard Ciders are an Adult fermented apple beverage created in the same way that wines are made. Yeast is used to eat away at the natural sugars in the apple cider, resulting in a dry to semi-dry beverage all its own, with almost no resemblance to apples. They range from an abv. (or Alcohol by Volume) of 6.5% - 8.5% .


Some ciders are similar to White Wines in that they are dry, semi-dry and even semi-sweet and can have varying amounts of carbonation. They have different "varietals" in the sense that some have added fruit, fruit juices, berries, spices and herbs etc. added to that specific type of cider, from pumpkin cider to cinnamon. (See our "Sweet Gypsy" cranberry cider.)  Some have kept true to the fermentation's natural dry state and nothing is added. They pair well with a wide variety of cheeses and foods and are great to share with friends of all ages, just like your favorite bottle of wine.


This is where Hard Ciders are so versatile, they also can mimic Beer. Did you hear that gentlemen? By choosing to use an Ale Yeast , cider makers are creating a creamy, frothy taste that is reminiscent to beer. Even more exciting is aging fermented cider in Whiskey Bourbon Barrels.  With an essence of whiskey or bourbon it provides and amazing punch of interest in every sip. (See our "Oaky O'Shea" Whiskey Barrel aged Cider) Who doesn't like an IPA? Hops have also made their way into the cider market. Dry Hopping is much like using a giant tea bag of select hops in the batch to gain all of the dry, slightly sour characteristics from the hops. You beer lovers will be pleasantly surprised how cool hard ciders have become.

Some cider tasting bars like the one found at Rowan Asher Winery, even has a Growler program just like a brewery. You can come back for refills, chat with the Cider makers and stay alert to their small batch new releases on tap.



Survey Shows Increase in Cider Drinkers

(Study by Penn State Extension)



It also showed what types people prefer

Our love for Hard Cider inspires us to Make Small Handcrafted Batches of Ciders in the heart of the Pocono Mountains. We sourced local fruit from a century orchard in nearby Mount Bethel, PA. We have Oak Whiskey Barrel aged Cider, as well as our Indian Head semi-dry infused with Organic Chamomile.


         "Sweet Gypsy"           Hard Cider

We've blended our Semi Sweet Hard Cider with Cranberry and infused it with Organic Hibiscus, for a tart carbonated sip of bliss. 



          "Indian Head"            Hard Cider

Our love for Hard Cider inspires our Indian Head semi-dry infused with Organic Chamomile flowers.(named after Mt. Tammany in Delaware Water Gap, PA

"Oaky O'Shea" Hard Cider

We've gone all the way with this one... we've aged our semi-dry hard cider in Whiskey Barrels for an oaky mid-pallet treat, infused with Pennsylvania Maple Syrup, this one is hard to beat. 

"Pocono Mule" Hard Cider

if you like a Moscow Mule,  you'll love our Pocono Mule read more about it here

"Limited Releases"

Our passion for crafting new limited release batches of Hard Cider can be "tasted"  seasonally in our tasting room. Follow us on facebook to stay on top of our latest Cider release.

Stop in to sample them and pick up your favorite ciders on tap in our Growlers. Our free Growler program offers discounts on Growler refills. Contact us if you have any questions...