Rowan Asher Winery (RAW WINERY)

ROWAN ASHER WINERY R.A.W Urban Winery & Hard Cidery

Pocono Mountains First Urban Winery and Hard Cidery makes Napa Style Wines and Craft Small Batch Hard Ciders. Visit our 2 Tasting Room locations in Stroudsburg close to the Pocono Resorts.


WHAT IS IT? The urban winery is a recent phenomenon whereby a wine producer chooses to locate their winemaking facility in an urban setting rather than in the traditional rural setting near the vineyards. With advances in technology and transportation, it is not a problem for an urban winery to grow their grapes in a remote location and then transport them to the urban facility for crushing, fermentation and aging. Urban wineries have been opened in cities across the United States.

 Now, many urban dwellers can hop in their car for a short drive or take public transportation, and have an authentic winery experience. Many urban wineries offer production tours and a traditional tasting room for this purpose, and also offer retail sales. This allows the consumer to purchase DIRECTLY FROM THE SOURCE ensuring that wines have been stored correctly and not subjected to extreme conditions that can occur in transport which can occasionally result in spoiled wines. It promotes a local, friendly atmosphere, where friends come to relax, unwind and listen to live music. We strive to bring that to Stroudsburg. 

That is how an Urban Winery is defined. We wanted to share views of our wine making with the public, share and educate those who share our passion, so just a few feet from the tasting room is our Barrel room and operations where you can have a tour and see our tanks and equipment and become immersed in learning more.

Located in a former Lumberyard, We are proud to be the Poconos 1st Urban Winery, established in 2015

we are a small wine producer that does not have its own vineyard, and instead we source our fruits from farmers.

our concept is similar to a microbrewery, in that small batches of product are made primarily for local consumption. 

the general public has been conditioned to associate a winery as having a vineyard.

our urban winery uses similar wine-making equipment as a major commercial winery, just on a smaller scale. One of the primary differences of an Urban micro-winery as compared to a typical winery is that: 

a micro-winery is typically able to offer a wider range of wines; as it is not tied to the grapes it grows. Here at RAW Urban Winery & Hard Cidery we use both local and global ingredients. Currently we are investigating in planting some vines of our own and working with local farmers.

come see what we are all about

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So come visit our NEW LOCATION at:

616 Main St.

Stroudsburg, PA 18360

1:00 - 9:00 pm Wed - Thurs

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